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Digital Press Printing

Digital Press Printing

Digital Press Printing

Personalising Direct Mail : Image personalization is the perfect way to catch the customer's attention at first sight. Use it in all kinds of direct mail pieces and benefit from response rates of up to 40% - proven!

Vouchers : Customer loyalty schemes work best with a highly personal approach. Add image personalization and individual offers for your customers – all triggered by database information.

Invitations Cards : Make trade shows and events a true success. Image personalization is ideal to show a customer that he is really welcome.

E-Mailings : Designed for highest attention! Use DirectSmile to add that special touch to your newsletters and e-mailings. Plus, you can vary all other contents of your e-mails as well.

Greeting Cards : Show customers that you really care about them. With image personalization a simple greeting card for Christmas or Birthdays card turns into a truly unique and personal gift.

Magazine Covers : Subscribers will be amazed by their very own magazines! Combine digitally printed cover with a usual magazine. Of course, the ads on the cover can be completely individualized as well.

Business Cards : The most impressive way to introduce oneself and be remembered. With a personalized image on the front a business card becomes a souvenir.

Calenders : Use the included Calendar Module of your DirectSmile software for printing. Or create any format you desire yourself.

Posters : Image personalization in large formats – it is possible! Just print out on any large format printer and impress customers with a giant Direct Smile image.

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